On August 14th, 2013, the Egyptian military and police forces under the coup government massacred more than 2600 and wounded more than 10,000 peaceful participants in a sit-in protest in Raba’a Square, Cairo Egypt. No one has been held accountable for this massacre, and no one is likely to be held accountable In a recorded … استكمال القراءة

Sisi Offered Abbas: Create Palestinian State in Sinai

Egyptian president General Abdel Fatah A-Sisi has offered Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas to cede 160 square kilometers of the Sinai Peninsula adjoining Gaza to the PA, thus creating a Palestinian state five times the present size of Gaza. In return, the PA would stop demanding that Israel return to the 1967 borders The offer … استكمال القراءة

Rabaa is a Humanitarian Tragedy

One year passed since the evacuation of Rabaa sit-in in Egypt, where over than 2500 people were killed, 8000 were injured, 41000 were arrested or still being tracked The world did not and will not forget them The participants are from the following countries UK, Germany, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Turkey, Albania, Tunisia, Czech, France, Somalia, … استكمال القراءة

Human Rights Watch: Rabaa massacre was premeditated

Egyptian security forces intentionally killed at least 817 protesters during last August’s Rabaa massacre, in a premeditated attack equal to or worse than China’s Tiananmen Square killings in 1989, Human Rights Watch (HRW) has argued in a report The 195-page investigation based on interviews with 122 survivors and witnesses has found Egypt’s police and army … استكمال القراءة

Massacre in Gaza .. video

Many Palestinian families fled the Shujayea neighbourhood in the east of Gaza city after a sleepless night that witnessed the heaviest bombardment of the 13-day Israel assault on Gaza. Heavy tank and artillery shelling has left at least 60 people dead, most of them women and children and over 200 injured At midday, horrific images were … استكمال القراءة

Crunch Time for Egypt’s Energy Mess

 Egypt is so desperate to finally come to grips with its energy and fiscal nightmares that its new government is doing the once unthinkable: rolling back generous domestic fuel subsidies and opening the door to imported natural gas from Israel The moves are hitting ordinary Egyptians in the pocketbook and angering those who have grown … استكمال القراءة

More than 22 million Egyptians live in poverty: report

Twenty six percent of Egypt’s population lives in poverty, while forty nine percent of Upper Egypt cannot provide the basic needs of food, said Egypt’s Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics Egypt’s unemployment rate has reached 13.2 percent and that number almost doubles in women totaling at 24.2 percent, said the agency Egypt, the … استكمال القراءة